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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why New Systems Fail, an interview with author Phil Simon

Think about the last really big project you were involved with.... How would you describe how it went?

Exactly as planned?

That's not what I usually hear from customers and colleagues! Rather, I'm more apt to hear responses such as "Challenged", "Stressed", or "Lots of changes!"

We continue to learn so much about how to run projects and yet new projects--often those really large ones--continue to struggle.

In our project management workshops we spend extended time on those factors that most contribute to project success and failure to help arm project managers, sponsors, and team members. In this episode of the People and Projects Podcast, you'll hear from one my go-to people when it comes to understanding project success and failure: Phil Simon.

Phil is the author of the acclaimed book Why New Systems Fail: Theory and Practice Collide. If you have a large scale project kicking off soon, I strongly recommend you contact Phil to see how his organization can help you avoid the many landmines he lays out in his book. You can learn more about Phil at his website:

Phil has generously made 2 autographed copies of his book available for a drawing! Just send me an e-mail with your name and where you live. Put "Book drawing" in the subject of your e-mail and you'll automatically be entered into the drawing. On August 31 I'll select two names from those who respond.

Thank you for listening to the People and Projects Podcast! I invite you to tell your friends and colleagues about us. Some of the best free learning available these days is on podcasts, and it would be a real pleasure for me to share these interviews with those you know. You can subscribe to the People and Projects Podcast on iTunes by going to

Here's to your project success!

Why New Systems Fail, an interview with author Phil Simon

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Project Sponsorship, with guest Alfonso Bucero, PMP

How important is executive support to your ability to deliver? The answer is: probably even more important than you realize!

Nearly every list of contributing factors to project success or failure has some mention of the importance of executive support or project sponsorship as a key factor.

The idea is that if you have the support of your sponsor (or management chain), you're much more likely to deliver successfully.

Of course that is often easier said than done. Effective project sponsorship is often rare in most organizations, which is why I'm looking forward to you learning from this episode's guest: Alfonso Bucero.

Alfonso is the founder and Managing Director of BUCERO PM Consulting (, based in Madrid, Spain. Alfonso is a frequent speaker at International PM Congresses and Symposiums and has authored multiple books.

In this episode we talk about insights shared in his recent book (co-authored with Randall L. Englund) entitled Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success (Jossey-Bass Business & Management).

You'll get insights into what a sponsor is, why the role is critical to project success, and why sponsors often aren't doing what we need them to do on our projects. In addition, Alfonso will share ideas for engaging your sponsor and, if you are a sponsor, how you can engage with your project managers.

Also, this podcast refers to a special discount for our Horizon Time newsletter and podcast subscribers. You can get $50 USD off our e-learning on managing conflict by using a Coupon Code of ROCK-50OFF. Click here to learn more about our e-learning on managing conflict named Beyond the Rock and the Hard Place: How to Manage Conflict More Effectively.

Episode 02: Project Sponsorship, with guest Alfonso Bucero, PMP

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