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How to Win Friends, Influence People, and Deliver Projects

Keynote Overview

Since first published in the 1930’s, Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends & Influence People has motivated generations of aspiring leaders to polish up their people skills.

Yet imagine a typical project manager opening the book, and reading the first principle: Don't criticize, condemn, or complain. "Don't criticize? Am I just supposed to put up with sub-par performance?"


For Meeting Planners

project management keynote by Andy Kaufmankeynote by Andy Kaufman about project managementOne of the best presentations I've seen or attended in a long, long time. This really hit home with me and is an area I am motivated to work on.


They turn to the next chapter to find: Give honest and sincere appreciation. "Honest feedback, perhaps, but appreciation? With the problems those stakeholders cause?"

Concerned, they check out the third chapter: Arouse in the other person an eager want. "Now wait a minute! That sounds like something that would get me called into HR!"

It's easy to discount and even parody the lessons from Dale Carnegie’s work. Yet Andy Kaufman shows how your success in delivering projects might just depend on your application of Carnegie's principles.

Participants of this keynote learn practical insights on topics such as how to handle challenging stakeholders, deliver difficult news, and even get those people in other departments to listen to you!

Contact us to bring this insightful and entertaining look at Dale Carnegie’s timeless classic to your organization.

project management keynote by Andy Kaufmankeynote by Andy Kaufman about project managementReally enjoyed Andy's presentation! It was very motivating! He was very personable. I liked how he engaged the audience and involved them. No suggestions for improvement or changes. Fantastic job!


Who Benefits from this Keynote?

Whether you're organizing an event for managers, senior executives, project managers, product managers, salespeople, or individual contributors throughout the business, this interactive keynote session provides practical tips you can immediately apply in your real world projects.


project management keynote by Andy Kaufmankeynote by Andy Kaufman about project managementVery engaging presentation with good tips that could be used right away, as well as references to materials to improve/research more!


project management keynote speaker Andy Kaufman, PMPWhat Your Participants Will Learn from this Keynote:

  • How to handle challenging stakeholders

  • How to deliver difficult news

  • How to improve relationships with project team members, project sponsors, and stakeholders

  • How to influence project decisions without alienating relationships

Event Options

In addition to Andy's keynote, we have some additional ways to make your event a smashing success!

  • Have an Influence Scavenger Hunt after the keynote! Our unique event is structured to send teams out to observe the influence principles in action, encouraging them to work on the skills in real time while serving as a team building event. It's fun, insightful, and a great addition to an offsite retreat or company meeting!
  • Have participants take our "Win Friends and Influence People" self-assessment. It provides insights on areas each participant already demonstrates strengths (as well as where they could focus on improving). We also have a version of the assessment that allows peers, team members, and managers to provide helpful insights for participants, allowing them to grow in their people skills.

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