Team STEELE 2009

Special Thanks

David Heyden

Mr. Heyden is the Public Works Director/Village Engineer for the Village of Lake Zurich. He and many others at the Village were very helpful in answering  questions in our research.

Roger Williams

Mr. Williams actually IS a rocket scientist, and he was extremely helpful to our team this year. He gave us just enough information to get us to think about solutions to problems. He was very generous with his time and we learned a lot from him. Thank you, Mr. Williams!

Our Parents!

Without our parents we could not be part of this competition. :) 

Thank you to our moms who drove us to our practices each week and supported us throughout the project!  We know this is a lot of work, not only for us, but for you as you patiently shuttle us back and forth as well as provide coaching (without doing the work).  Thank you very much!

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