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Lipstick on a Pig: How Illusion Leads to Crisis

Keynote Overview

It could be the loss of a key client. Or some key employees. Or maybe you're thinking about projects that either never got delivered, or came in so far over-budget and past timeframes that you have to ask the question: "How did we get here?"

Or it could be there isn't any one crisis that comes to mind. It's just this increasing sense that the demands of the business are growing faster than our ability to deliver them. Perhaps the top-line has leveled off or the bottom-line is not growing as you need. We need to get better at execution. Yet the question lingers: "How can we get better?"

It starts with a firm grasp of reality. As Jerry Weinberg observed in The Secrets of Consulting (Dorset House, 1985), "It may look like a crisis, but it's only the end of an illusion."

project management keynote by Andy Kaufman

For Meeting Planners

Lipstick on a pig. We've seen it with sales forecasts. Annual goals. Marketing strategies. Project plans. No matter how thick you try to cover it, reality has this annoying way of winning.

This session will help you and your participants understand how to tap into that reality to help you develop better plans and deliver more reliably

project management keynote by Andy Kaufmankeynote by Andy Kaufman about project managementDaugherty brought Andy in to present a keynote to our mutual customers and prospects on a gloomy Fall day at the race track. Andy’s energy and enthusiasm brought a ray of sunshine into the tent, and partnering with him was the best bet of the day! The event was a huge success, and we plan on working closely with Andy in the future.

Peter Morris, SVP Sales, Daugherty Business Solutions.

Who Benefits from this Keynote?

Whether you're organizing an event for managers, senior executives, project managers, product managers, salespeople, or individual contributors throughout the business, this interactive keynote session provides practical tips you can immediately apply in your real world projects (even project management keynote speaker Andy Kaufman, PMPthose that are real porkers)!

What Your Participants Will Learn from this Keynote:

  • Practical ways to recognize illusions and their dangers

  • Why illusions inevitably lead to project crisis

  • Practical strategies to overcome illusions

  • How to develop a reality-aware organization

  • Key illusions that impact project and personal success

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