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Building an "On Target" Team

Just because you put people together doesn't mean you have a team.  Developing a high-performance team that delivers in the real world is no simple matter. 

Interested in helping your team(s) work more effectively together?  The Institute's team building session is just what you need.

We use two highly researched models to understand how our individual styles contribute to the success of our teams.  In addition, we look at a number of team development models--including the Institute's own "On Target" team model--to learn how to build a team that deliver results, in the real world.

Who Benefits from this Session?
Whether you're organizing an event for your management team or individual contributors throughout the business, this interactive session provides practical tips you can immediately apply in your real world teams.  Works especially well for intact teams, leadership teams, and multiple teams that work together.

What Your Participants Will Learn:

  • What distinguishes a team from a group (and why that even matters)

  • What our natural team member style is (and how that compares to how others perceive us)

  • Four team player styles (based on the Parker Team Player styles), including the strengths and challenges of each

  • Four social styles (based on TRACOM's Social Style Model(tm)) and how understanding different styles can improve team effectiveness

  • Ways that existing teams are working well together (and what is getting in the way of the team being more effective)

This highly interactive, extremely practical workshop can be delivered anywhere from a half-day to a full day. 

Want a working session that will inspire, challenge, and entertain your group?  Give us a call or send an e-mail to take the next step.





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