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Increasing Leadership Bandwidth in Your Organization

We often ask clients to consider three questions that provide insight into their culture.  Answer the following for yourself:

How would you rate the overall level of change in your organization (where 1 is Chaotic and 5 is Predictable)?  Consider the following:  Do priorities seem to change rather regularly?  Is the environment rather stressful?

How would you rate your team's (or department's or company's) attitude toward process (where 1 is "Process is a Dirty Word!" and 5 is "We have a form to answer that question!")?  Consider the following:  Are there generally documented processes in place for most situations?  Do all team members follow the processes?

How would you rate the leadership bandwidth at your company (where 1 is low and 5 is high)?  Consider the following:  Do you have a lot of role models to observe and learn from or is it pretty spotty?  Do you tend to have good leaders available when you need them or are there a relatively small number of good one's and then the rest?

Responses at most companies tend to indicate the business climate is more chaotic than predictable.  Though appreciation for process is growing, there is a sense we are becoming overly encumbered and are in need of being more agile.  Finally, most companies indicate that leadership bandwidth is low. 

Often we find that senior leaders recognize these dynamics but get stuck in the trap of thinking "if I just add enough process, send my people to the right training, do the right amount of planning, then I will get rid of the change and stress in our organization."

"Leadership is only developed over time, and is best learned by seeing it modeled and through hands-on experience."
"There is so much untapped leadership sitting dormant in every organization.  Teach your managers how to unleash that capability and you are destined to significantly improve performance."
Unfortunately that's not how things work.  Do you remember the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics from your High School or college physics classes?  Essentially it says that entropy happens!  Things go from order to disorder.  What is true in the natural world can be seen in organizations as well.  We cannot insulate ourselves and our company from the effects of this law.  It doesn't take too long to see this law's impact on projects that go bad, teams that go sour, vendor relationships that poison over time, etc.

Developing leadership bandwidth takes time, and it certainly isn't completely developed by sending your leaders off to a seminar or training class.  Leadership is only developed over time, and is best learned by seeing it modeled and through hands-on experience. 

The Institute's presentation on Increasing Leadership Bandwidth is a very practical and highly interactive session that focuses on how you can begin taking action against the entropy that you battle every day.  The session is available in a 45-60 minute keynote format, a 90-120 minute classroom session, or a half-day tutorial session.  In addition, we help you continue your leadership bandwidth development through the use of Outlaw Teams. 

Interested in knowing more about the value this presentation can bring to your company? For information and scheduling, e-mail us today or call us now at 847.550.0974.

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