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Beyond Time Management: Getting Stuff Done in the Real World

Help for When There's More Work

Than Hands to Do It!


"Scott, the next action item is yours.  Leslie, can you take the next one?  Well, that wraps it up.  Thanks for a good meeting, everyone."


Perhaps you know this drill. 


Good ideas get surfaced in the meeting.  The ideas are turned into actions, and specific owners are assigned to each action. 


Then the ball drops. 


Scott forgets his within minutes of getting back to the firestorm he left before the meeting.  Leslie has good intentions, but two meetings later her already too full plate gets another helping.  Net result: balls drop, actions don't get done, and things don't get better.


Corporate America, for the most part, is lousy at follow-up (click for a RealAudio sample).  I run across people who are able to demonstrate visionary thinking, deliver motivating speeches, and have good people skills.  But my observation is that most of corporate America is just plain terrible when it comes to following up on assigned actions items, returning calls, keeping commitments, time management, etc. 


Anyone come to mind?  Perhaps your boss?  Perhaps someone on your team?  Perhaps you?


I came to the point one day when I realized that I was lousy at follow-up.  Too many important things were slipping through the cracks, such as....

  • things that mattered to me--that I really wanted to do someday but just never could find the time

  • things I had signed up to do but just couldn't seem to figure out how to fit them in with everything else on my plate

  • things that needed my attention but I was too distracted to even see them.

I had all sorts of excuses.  Maybe you've heard yourself utter something similar....

I eventually realized that life had scaled much faster than my ability to keep up with it.  Increasing job responsibilities, more staff, more complex projects, new house, kids, baseball, more kids, soccer, serving in the community and church.  The so-called American Dream is leading many people to exclaim the American Scream!  "I can't keep up!"


Ah, but guess what!  You can keep up!  My journey through the "too busy" wilderness took me through a path of discovery that is now available to you in a session referred to as "Beyond Time Management: Getting Stuff Done in the Real World".  I recently recorded this session and I am now making an audio version available to you.


In this powerful audio program, you'll learn:

If your life is scaling faster than your ability to keep up, this resource is for you.  Just fill out the information below and click the "Checkout" button below to order your copy today.


You'll soon find what people all across the country are learning in my sessions by the same title:  It's possible to get a grip on all the demands of work and life while reducing stress.  But that's not it... you also become more marketable!


This audio program is one you will keep and re-listen to many times.  It can also make a great gift for members of your staff, colleagues, or friends who are also wrestling with how to stay on top of all the demands for their time and resources.


Just fill out the information below click the "Checkout" button to get your copy! 


Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!  If you don't find this well worth your investment of only $29.95, just return the materials and I will refund your money--no questions asked. 


Fill out the information below and click the "Checkout" button to place your order!



"Beyond Time Management" Audio CD   $29.95






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