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"But It's Not My Fault!"
One way to respond to a risk is to transfer it to someone else. But what if they don't deliver?

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"But It's Not My Fault!"

The Risk of Transferring Risks

by Andy Kaufman


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Rarely is it good news when the letter begins "Dear Sir or Madam".

The letter continues, "We are writing to let you know that computer tapes containing some of your personal information were lost while being transported to an off-site storage facility by our archive services vendor."

We've received this particular sort of notice from two organizations in the last 12 months.

"If you choose to transfer a risk, you better be sure it's handled well. If not, it comes back to bite you."

They go on to tell us how they have no reason to think someone is collecting our social security benefits in the Ukraine right now. To make it up to us, they'll give us the same deal the other company who lost our information offered: 24 months of free access to a credit monitoring service.
I'm good for 4 years at this point!

We Live in a Risky World

The reality is mistakes happen. I get that.

But the situation offers an important lesson about risk management: If you choose to transfer a risk, you better be sure it's handled well. If not, it comes back to bite you.

project management keynote, risk management keynoteDid you notice how the letter politely points the finger to their archive services vendor? They try to assure us how "protecting the confidentiality of...all our clients' information...has long been a top priority.... However, our archive services vendor...."

We want to exclaim, "But it's not my fault!" and blame someone else.

It's nothing new. Dell pointed the finger at Sony when they had battery issues. Ford blamed Firestone. Beatles fans blame Yoko. Everyone blames Bush.

Yet blaming ultimately doesn't fix the problem.

Transferring Risk

The Project Management Institute identifies "transference" as a valid strategy for dealing with risks. We do it all the time. Insurance is a classic transference strategy.

You may have a risk that would be better handled by another department in your company. But don't take their nodding head as a guarantee they will deliver.


  • Make sure they have clear understanding of what is required.
  • Check in at agreed upon intervals to track progress against objective measures.
  • Foster rapport so there are minimal obstacles to information flowing between the groups.
  • Have a "plan B" just in case.

Good risk management practices can help you navigate the risky world we live in.

Project management keynote, risk management keynoteWe can help you and your team learn practical risk management skills. Contact us today about our keynotes and workshops that take formal risk management out of the realm of the academic and into practical steps you and your team can take, regardless of your organization's culture.

We can help minimize the chance you will be writing a letter opening with, "Dear Sir or Madam...."

Want to Learn More?

We live in a risky world. How about some practical training on how to deal with risks?

On Thursday, September 18, 2008, at 11:00am Central, I will be sharing practical strategies for dealing with risks in a webcast: What You Need to Know About Risk Management. There is no charge for subscribers to Horizon Time.

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