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The Finger in Your Face
You never know when you'll come face-to-face with conflict. Be prepared.

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Introducing the Leadership Fast Track Program
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Card Corner: Showing That You Care
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New from Andy Kaufman
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Responding to the Finger in Your Face

by Andy Kaufman


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Manage conflict more confidentlyFinally. A taxi sees me trying to get his attention. My wife and three young children cram into the backseat while I sit up front. The warmth of the taxi is a welcome contrast to the chill outside on this frosty night in Boston.

But that’s where the warmth ended. The driver was in a heated cell phone discussion in a language I didn’t understand. I told him “Hampton Inn on Monsignor O’Brien”, wondering if he caught the address. He must have because he hit the gas and we were off.

I think to myself, “Well, I guess you don’t take a taxi for customer service!"

Whether at work or at home or in a taxi in Boston, conflict has this annoying way of finding us.

Soon the scenery appears as foreign as the phone conversation that is still raging. I’m just familiar enough with Boston to recognize we were heading toward the airport and away from where we needed to go.


I attempt to get the drivers attention. “Excuse me.”

“Excuse me! Sir, I don’t think this is the way.”

The driver pauses his conversation long enough to mutter in broken English, “Hampton Inn?”

“Yes” I reply. “The one on Monsignor O’Brien Highway.”

He could have responded, “Oops. My bad. I’ll get you there in a flash.” Or I could have handled, “Oh, I misunderstood you. I’m sorry.”

But no. He accusingly waves his finger in my face, “No! You said Hampton Inn at the airport!”

manage conflict confidentlyConflict. Whether at work or at home or in a taxi in Boston, conflict has this annoying way of finding us, sometimes when we least expect it. We don’t have to like dealing with it, but when conflict hits, it helps to have some tools at your disposal to navigate through it successfully.

How would you respond to the taxi driver? In our Beyond the Rock and the Hard Place workshop, we identify 5 Conflict Handling Modes.

A Competing style would wag a finger right back in the driver’s face. “Hey, bucko! If you didn’t have that phone plastered to your ear you would have clearly heard me say the correct address! Hang up and drive, and by the way, you’re not getting paid for your screw up!”

The Avoiding style probably wouldn’t have spoken up at all, or rationalized “Maybe he’s just taking the scenic route!” The Accommodating style might have apologized, “I’m sorry for not speaking clearly. You’re right.”

Once at the wrong hotel, either of these styles might just pay the guy and then hire another taxi to get home rather than have a conflict discussion.

The Collaborating style would look for a full win-win. “We clearly have a misunderstanding. Let's brainstorm some ideas to resolve this problem.” A Compromising approach might take parts of each of these.

Do you recognize your natural response in these examples? In our workshops we help you match the appropriate style with a particular situation.

As it turns out, our natural style might just make things worse!

Taking Action

Want to become more confident in conflict situations? Here are my recommendations:Our eLearning (e-learning) workshop on managing conflict from keynote speaker Andy Kaufman
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  • Learn more about you. Click here to take our online conflict assessment. Learn which styles you over (and under) rely on. Better yet, have your team members take it as well. You will get insights to help your team be more effective.

  • Join the conversation on our blog. Click here to learn how I responded to the taxi driver and how it turned out.

We can help you more successfully navigate conflict with confidence. I look forward to helping you.

elearning (e-learning) to help you manage conflict from keynote speaker Andy KaufmanTo your success,

keynote speaker Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman

Speaker, Author, Consultant

President, Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development Inc.

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Card Corner: Showing That You Care

Send Out Cards is an easy-to-use, inexpensive way to encourage people, build relationships, and even make money. On average I send no less than 2-3 cards each day to say Thank You, Happy Birthday, Nice to Meet You, Hang in There, I'm Praying for You, etc.

A friend from Germany was so surprised to receive a birthday card from us that she had to send a Thank You card back! In her broken English she said,

Thank you very much for the big surprise to my birthday. I'm really happy about your letter!

She went on to share how their family is doing--an extremely warm response to a simple step we took to show that we care.

Whether you use it for business, personal, or both, what are you waiting for? Try it out today!  In fact, you can send a card for free, on me.  Click here, then click on the banner with the moving arrow. The system will walk you through sending a card.

Better yet, contact me and I'll personally walk you through the system. Send Out Cards can turn your good intentions into reality.

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