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A Really Bad Way to Approach Conflict
Navigate conflict based on someone's sign? I don't think so. Listen to Andy whine (and then check out the offer)

Deliver Projects More Reliably
Does your organization struggle with delivering projects? Check out our Real World Project Management workshop.

This Issue's Freebie: E-learning license
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Card Corner: Stick Out from the Crowd By Sending a Card
Real cards stand out from the e-clutter.

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A Really Bad Way to Approach Conflict

by Andy Kaufman


Words: 366

Estimated reading time: 1-2 minutes

The web page said, “Optimize your relations and make the most of your workplace!”

Wow, that sounds like a good idea. Optimize them? Make the most?

I’m really into helping people maximize relationships in the workplace. Sounds like a great idea! As we teach in our leadership and project management keynotes and workshops, “The dirty little secret of business is that it all comes down to relationships.”

"The dirty little secret of business is that it all comes down to relationships."

I click the link. And am amazed.

It’s an astrology site. Here's how it works: I compare my sign to that of a crabby stakeholder and I can see how to best get along with them.

conflict management e-learning from Andy KaufmanThe site elaborates: “Whether the co-worker of contention is a proud Leo, a rule-bending Aquarius, or a hot-tempered Aries, get the scoop on how best to deal with your employees, colleagues, and bosses!”

Get the scoop? How about the shovel? It would actually be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous.

The reality is most people struggle with how to manage conflict in the workplace. It’s a really bad idea to navigate conflict with Bob your boss based on whether he was born on April 19 or May 16.

We have worked with tens of thousands of people from hundreds of companies, helping them deliver their projects, become more confident leaders, take focused action, and to achieve the results they desire while maintaining a balanced life. Part of that is learning how to manage conflict.

Ah, but we also teach that it’s important to not just whine. We need to be part of the solution.

Our Solution: A Free Offer

In honor of the ridiculous website I visited, here’s my solution in terms of an offer: the first ten people who get back to me after this post with “I’m in” will get a free license to our e-learning offering entitled Beyond the Rock and the Hard Place: How to Manage Conflict More Effectively.

You’ll get insightful advice that has been shared in keynotes and workshops around the world.

For free.

And I promise you won’t have to tell me your sign. Contact me now for your free license.

elearning (e-learning) to help you manage conflict from keynote speaker Andy KaufmanTo your success,

keynote speaker Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman

Speaker, Author, Consultant

President, Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development Inc.

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Does Your Organization Struggle with Delivering Projects?

Does your organization struggle with delivering projects on-time and on-budget? Are you interested in helping your teams work together to deliver projects more reliably? Perhaps you’re interested in pursuing certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP)?

Check out our Real World Project Management workshop. It provides a common vocabulary and understanding of what project management is, why it matters, and key foundational concepts important for all levels and roles within your organization.

We work with business professionals around the world who are struggling with how to deliver projects and lead teams. We help you get focused, take action, and achieve stellar results.

From workshops delivered at your company to one-on-one coaching for project managers and sponsors, contact the Institute today for details on how we can help you and your organization deliver.

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Free Learning:

Beyond the Rock and The Hard Place: How to Deal With Conflict More Effectively

Our eLearning (e-learning) workshop on managing conflict from keynote speaker Andy KaufmanAs a thank you for subscribing to our newsletter, here's some free learning!

If you are one of the first 10 people to respond to this e-newsletter, we will give you a free license to our e-learning offering on managing conflict. See the main article in this issue for more information.

Contact us right away. If you do it fast enough, you'll get a free license, worth $149 (either for yourself or someone on your team).

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Card Corner:

Stick Out from the Crowd

By Sending a Card

Send Out Cards by Andy KaufmanIn a world overflowing with e-clutter, how do you stand out from the crowd? Whether it is to congratulate, thank, celebrate, or encourage, sending a real card helps you get listened to despite all the noise of e-mail, e-cards, and text message alternatives.

Jeff Mowat's recent book Influence With Ease reinforces this point. If you want to make an impression on a boss, co-worker, friend, customer, stakeholder--anyone--send a real card.

Send Out Cards is a remarkably powerful system that helps you build relationships.

Contact me and I'll personally walk you through the system. You can send a card for free and learn how to show people you care, whether friends, family, or work associates, in a whole new way.

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