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Be Confident in Conflict
Are you prepared to deal with conflict?

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Be Confident in Conflict

by Andy Kaufman


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How do you feel when you’re about to walk into a conflict discussion?

Recently I was awaiting the arrival of a contractor who put an addition onto our home. We called for this visit in response to a bill he sent, requesting final payment. Normally this would be a pretty straightforward discussion: he did the work; we pay him.

But that wasn't the situation. Though the overall quality of his work was good, there were some specific things that were not done correctly and would be expensive to rip out and replace. His follow-up on punch list after punch list was spotty. And one last point: work on the project ended nearly four years ago!

It's You vs. Them, both wanting different things. How prepared are you to deal with conflict?

Despite the situation we actually like this guy on a personal basis. We spent many months—too many months—sharing coffee over our kitchen table. The relationship is important to us, but what he was asking wasn't acceptable.

There was a knock at the door. There was palpable tension in the handshake greeting. “How will this end up?” I wonder to myself as we sit down at the kitchen table.

Though the scenario may be different, it’s only a matter of time before we’re in this situation. It’s You vs. Them, both wanting different things.

How prepared are you to deal with conflict?

I’ve had the opportunity to help people from all around the world learn to deal with conflict more effectively. One of the early lessons we work on has to do with conflict styles.

We use a conflict-handling model outlined by Kenneth Thomas in “The Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology”. Thomas identifies five specific conflict handling modes or styles: Competing, Collaborating, Compromising, Avoiding, and Accommodating.

Most of us tend to rely on one or two of these styles most of the time. Can you think of someone that tends to consistently run from conflict? That’s the Avoiding style being over-used. How about someone who tends to just give in too often? That’s Accommodating in action.

There’s no inherently right or wrong style. In our keynotes and workshops, we help people understand how to align the best style to the situation, significantly raising their confidence and success in dealing with conflict.

By the way, our contractor discussion went great. I used a combination of Competing and Compromising. He used Compromising and Accommodating. He walked out with a check for far less than he wanted. But he also left with a smile on his face—the relationship was intact.

Taking Action

Want to become more confident in conflict situations? Here are my recommendations:Our eLearning (e-learning) workshop on managing conflict from keynote speaker Andy Kaufman
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  • Join the conversation on our blog. Click here to visit the Leadership in the Real World blog. Post a comment with some of your biggest sources of conflict, and most important lessons you've learned about handling conflict.

You don't have to love conflict but we can help you more successfully navigate it with confidence. I look forward to helping you.

elearning (e-learning) to help you manage conflict from keynote speaker Andy KaufmanTo your success,

keynote speaker Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman

Speaker, Author, Consultant

President, Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development Inc.

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