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Do They Know What's Important?
Stop the guessing. Create a "What's Important To Me" document for your team.

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Card Corner: Sharing Sports Team Memories
Another idea for using cards to make memories.





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Do They Know What's Important?

by Andy Kaufman


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Do the people you lead know what matters to you?

Eventually it becomes clear. Yet too often time is wasted while people try to discern what you like or donít like, often making some costly missteps along the way.

What if you took guessing out of the game?

"Too often time is wasted while people try to discern what you like or don't like, often making costly missteps along the way"

I spoke recently with the CIO of a $20 billion organization. He has found that taking the time to write out a Whatís Important To Me document has dramatically helped new people who join his team. Instead of guessing, itís clearly laid out on paper.

In the past Iíve used a similar two page document. On one page it says, What I Expect From You and on the other What You Can Expect From Me.

Alternatively you can create a list of team values.

Regardless of how you structure it, there are benefits to getting this into writing and then sharing it with those you lead:

  • They donít have to guess.
  • You have the opportunity of setting expectations upfront.
  • You can call back to these to praise people when they succeed and to redirect them when they donít.


Taking Action

Here are my recommendations for you:
  • Try it! Start brainstorming your personalized version of What's Important To Me. Want some help? Contact me and I'll send you a copy of what I use for teams I lead.

  • Learn more! This is just one example of the insights you will learn in our upcoming Leadership Fast Track Program.  Make the investment in your career. Take your leadership abilities to the next level. Click here for more information.

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Andy Kaufman

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Card Corner:

Sharing Sports Team Memories

We love soccer and we love taking pictures of our kids and their teammates playing together. But one of the dads is not only into photography--he looks like a Sports Illustrated sniper on the sidelines, taking some of the most inspiring action photos I've seen from an amateur.

He typically loads the pictures onto a secure website that team families can view. But after receiving a card from us (including a box of brownies and one of his pictures on the cover with a funny voice bubble) thanking him for all the great work he's done, he looked into Send Out Cards himself.

He loved it and is now sharing his great photos (whether soccer or not) with friends and family in a whole new way.

Contact me and I'll personally walk you through the system. You can send a card for free and learn how to show people you care, whether friends, family, or work associates, in a whole new way.

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