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How to Say "No" (Without Saying "No")
When the boss wants you to deliver in a timeframe that seems unrealistic, what's the best way to respond?

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How to Say "No" (Without Saying "No")

by Andy Kaufman


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We have all been there before. Your boss (or customer) demands that you deliver their request in significantly less time than you think it will take.

Fred Brooks said it well: “It is very difficult to make a vigorous, plausible, and job-risking defense of an estimate that is derived by no quantitative method, supported by little data, and certified chiefly by the hunches of the managers.”

Do you speak up and seemingly risk your job by being the “No” person? Or do you give in, resigning to the reality that this is a game you cannot win?

"Do you speak up and seemingly risk your job by being the 'No' person? Or do you give in, resigning to the reality that this is a game you cannot win?"

In your job today, what do you do when you are in this situation?

One of the key skills that leaders must develop is their ability to influence. But how do you influence someone who doesn’t seem all that interested in what they consider excuses? They just want it finished in the decreed timeframe.

A CIO friend told me this: “I teach my people to never say ‘No’. Instead, we say, “Yes, but….” Another senior executive I know says it slightly differently: “I don’t say ‘No’, I say, “Choose.”

There may be times when you actually have to say “No.” But  “Yes, but” and “Choose” are powerfully effective means to reframe situations where you are facing unrealistic expectations.

A recent workshop participant named Terry headed home after a day of learning where this topic was discussed. Late in the evening Terry received a call from his boss who told him some additional scope was required on another project Terry was juggling. Terry decided to give “Yes, but” a try.

“Yes, we can do that, but it will have an impact on the current project I’m working on. Though I don’t know for sure, my best guess is that it will delay our current project by around 2 weeks.”

Silence. Terry told me he wondered how the boss would reply.

The reply came. “Hmm…. That’s a problem. Let me go back and see if I can get this pushed out to the next release. Have a great night.”

Terry was ecstatic! He came in all bubbly the next morning and told the story to the entire class. “It works!” he proclaimed.

When you are faced with daunting demands, make sure you do your homework. Look for options to make the boss’ request possible. When in doubt, error on the side of business needs instead of what’s easiest for you or your team. Bring your options to the decision-maker, along with a recommendation. (NOTE: I have learned it's best to come armed with a recommendation, making it less likely they will select an option that you do not prefer!).

Whether you use “Yes, but” or “Choose”, you demonstrate that you understand their request and are not immediately discounting it. In addition, you are showing ownership by bringing options to the table.

The “No” person doesn’t do that: they are just a wall of resistance. Being the “No” person isn’t sustainable at most organizations these days.

Taking Action

Here are my recommendations for you:
  • Try it! Most people find plenty of opportunities to run into situations where "Yes, but" or "Choose" can apply. Give it a try and let me know how it worked!

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